Macgasm #032

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Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Joshua Schnell


  • Apple sold 5,000,000 iPhones this year. GB
  • ThinkSecret closes up shop. GB
  • uhh…loophole…they might not be closing up shop…sneaky bastards… JS
  • 10.5.2 due out in January. GB
  • Macworld Expo around the corner GB
  • iPod Touch, Keyboard, and Case discussion GB


Interview with Kent Sutherland

  • When did you first realize that there was a real need for an iChat add-on like Chax?
  • What were the main features lacking from iChat that inspired you to create Chax?
  • Do you use other IM clients to judge which features should be added to Chax?
  • Are the features in Chax dictated by what you want in iChat and/or by what your feedback says?
  • What is your development background?
  • How long have you used Macs?
  • What is your current computer set-up?
  • What are some of your favorite Mac Apps?

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