Macgasm #024


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Hosted by: Grant Brunner & Josh Schnell
Provided by: ISPN Media & Second Rate Hosting

Show notes after the jump.


  1. Leopard coming on the 26th. What are we most excited about?GB
  2. Apple-blessed 3rd party apps for the iPhone/Touch in the works. GB
  3. Why does france get an unlocked iPhone? Damn French! JS
  4. Want to develop your own apps? Become an ADC member. GB
  5. Open Firefox in Safe mode. GB
  6. Apple’s iTunes Plus now world’s largestDRM-free music catalog! Eat that Amazon! JS
  7. Diskutil from the command line… For the Ubergeeky, or Sysadmin. JS
  8. 50k in Apple on 10/11/03 worth a cool million today or a 2000+% increase! JS