Use your laptop with the lid closed.

Have you ever wanted to use your laptop as a desktop? With the lid closed, and the machine hooked up to a sexy cinema display?  When I bought my iBook I dreamed of the possibility and was constantly told that it was impossible because the device would over heat.  I never persued it further than that initial research, but, the thought never expired.

Having just purchased a brand spanking new Macbook Pro I figured I’d give it another go.  Much to my chagrin, not only is it possible, but Apple actually recommends doing it.  The real caveat here is that you obviously need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse plugged into it so it will work.

Plug in all the devices, close the lid, click a mouse button to wake it from sleeping, and away you go.

It’s as simple as that.   If you want some more info, and more specifically information on using bluetooth devices, check out the support article from apple.

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