Bugs: Dashboard acting up.

Update: Apple’s 10.5.2  update has fixed my issue.  So if you’re having the same problem I’d recommend checking that you’ve upgraded.

Dashboard seems to be really acting up for me. Ever since I upgraded to Leopard 10.5.1 my widgets don’t work any more. Well, all of them but the Widgets widget. I think this is a little Karma for me going off on Vista and the bugs that shipped with that OS. I shall make a sacrifice to turn the tides… here’s a quick screencast of my problem. Anyway, I’ve done some research about the bug, and it seems that i’m not alone. It’s kind of hard to explain what happens, so I’ve added a quick screen cast to show you guys what’s going down. Hopefully this gets rectified soon. I can’t live with out my calculator. If any of you have any idea’s about what’s going on drop me a comment. I’ve tried deleting plist files, as you’ll see in the video, but it does nothing to fix my problem. Once again, I’m sorry Vista… you’re not that bad… ;) On another note, I’ve been finding quite a few quirky things going down on my mac lately. I’ll expand a little bit more once I manage to track down my issues.