Pocket Planes Is Coming To Mac App Store, Series Of Animated Shorts In The Works

NimbleBit, the makers behind the popular Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, has just made a few exciting announcements: Pocket Planes is coming to the Mac App Store and NimbleBit has ordered a number of animated shorts from Loading Ready Run based on Pocket Planes.

Starting this Thursday, you can go to the Mac App Store (which doesn’t work yet, but will when the game goes live) and get the freemium game Pocket Planes for your Mac. You can play your favorite plane simulation game right on your desktop, which should make procrastinating work much more fun. The app will also sync with the iOS version and feature an exclusive plan called the “X10 Mapple Pro.”

The second piece of news from NimbleBit is pretty cool and funny. NimbleBit has commissioned Loading Ready Run to make a number of animated shorts based on the hit Pocket Planes. The animated shorts will give voices to the Bitizens on the planes, the first of which is already available (check it out above). There will be a whole series of animated shorts, which are in the works, and Loading Ready Run is also working on some shorts for Tiny Tower.

If you haven’t yet played these addictive games, follow the links below to see what they’re all about.

Source: TUAW

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