Ping, new age SMS, eat that AT&T

If you’re like me, or even remotely evangelical about the glories of the iPhone, there’s probably an excellent chance that you’ve converted a large number of your friends and families to an iPhone. If you spend most of your time text messaging your iPhone wielding friends, then you have to check out Ping!. As a quick aside, you can also use Ping on your Touch. That means you can now text message your friends that don’t have an iPhone, but instead spend all their time playing games on the iPod. It has push notifications, and the ability to add Ping accounts to your address book.

Now, that being said, there’s some small quirks that seem to be persistent, but are expected considering it’s a relatively early version. It seems like some of the messages weren’t going through to their destinations. Not sure if it’s the crappy Rogers network or not, but it did happen on a couple of occasions. I also got stuck in keyboard mode, after clicking send, more than I’d like.

But hey, if you don’t want to spend some cash on an SMS package, and you find yourself only sending text messages to people who have iPhones, then this is a great option, not to mention another thorn in AT&T’s backside. And as you know, anything that lets me stick it to the man is fine by me!

Photo credit:seanaes and jonasocarlsson

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