A Superior Mac eBay Shopping Experience: PicClick

The coolest eBay mashup I have ever seen is a site called PicClick. PicClick is a visual eBay shopping experience and allows you to see every single listing in a very cool grid (with resizable icons) before you click and buy. PicClick lists millions of products, but you can then narrow down by category. For example, the search query that generated the screenshot above was the Macbook query in the Computers and Networking category (which had over 27,000 products). If you want to see before you buy, you can narrow down to geographic location. You can also narrow down to price points.

If you use eBay, and I’m sure you do (for holiday shopping, perhaps), you’ll absolutely love using PicClick to make your product search a more tolerable one. With hundreds of images showing up on one single page, you don’t have to drill down to the deep hidden pages of eBay.com. Just go to PicClick and let it do the hard work for you.

Tamar Weinberg is a blogger and author of The New Community Rules (July 2009), a book on social media marketing and how to leverage existing communities for awareness and profit. She is also a new mom.