PhoneView saves the day yet again!

I don’t think I’ve written about it in the past, but I just had to mention this nice little app on the site. It’s been seriously saving my butt lately. If you haven’t heard of PhoneView, then you seriously need to check it out. It’s the perfect companion to your iPhone, and I pretty much couldn’t live without it these days. For me, keeping track of calls with clients is a major must. When a third of my work day is starting to be spent consulting on the phone with clients, it has become abundantly clear that I need to start tracking those calls. You’d be surprised how much revenue you can get back just by simple tracking your time spent on the phone.

Some other things the application gives you is some better access to your media on the device, the files put into storage on the phone, as well as SMS, and contact information. The Ecamm team really struck gold with the application in my opinion. It would be super awesome if they were able to build in a way for me to get my call log data into something like Billings. I’m not sure it would be possible without a partnership, but I’d pay again for that kind of integration into my workflow.

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