Pass Your Time Stuck Indoors With These Must Read Stories From This Week

You know it’s been a slow week when the news cycle is dominated by jailbreaking stories. So it’s a perfect opportunity to explain a little bit of a format change for these weekend posts. Instead of a huge list of stories, we’re going to prune it down to funny stories, tips, interviews, and editorials. We’ll also fold in our suggested reading list of links around the web. Hope you enjoy it.

Best Of Macgasm

Weekly Reads

  • Exploding the Phone: The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws Who Hacked Ma Bell. See the scene where the Steves got their start, though neither is mentioned in the article.
  • iOS Automation and Workflows with Drafts. The iOS URL system continues to lead some unique apps and uses for power users.
  • Michael Dell hopes he’s Steve Jobs, but is he really just Jerry Yang?. An examination of Dell’s role in taking his company private and what he needs to do to save it.
  • Patent Troll Says It Owns Podcasting; Sues Adam Carolla, HowStuffWorks. The patent wars hit home for podcasters. This is an important case to watch.
  • Wi-Fi “as free as air”—the totally false story that refuses to die. Another week another bogus story that spreads like wildfire. The perils of cut and paste journalism strike again when the media picks up a story about “free” nationwide Wi-Fi.

Top Deals

  • The Ultimate OS X Mountain Lion Server Course
  • Deal: Maximize Your Efficiency With Firetask
  • The #1 Blu-ray Player App For Mac
  • The Vector Collection Bundle
  • Fly High w/ The Sub-Zero Helicopter
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