OS X Server 10.5.5 update

For those readers who have OS X Server, Version 10.5.5 was released for Server at the same time that the client update was released.

There are two flavors for this update:

– Update Only: about 341 Megabytes
– Combo Update: is 729 megabytes.

Here is a link to the detailed information on what is included with the update. Along with that, here are the security fixes included with 10.5.5.

To go with the 10.5.5 Server updates, Server Admin Tools have also been updated. Those can be retrieved from here. This update was released today (09/16/08) and is another 64MB update. This one will work on both Client and Server.

I thought I’d let the Server crowd know that they’re still needed and will be covered on Macgasm.

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