OS X 10.5.8 Update and Security Update 2009-003 have arrived

It looks like Apple has released the anticipated 10.5.8 update to Software update for the masses to consume. This update, like the previous ones, is another huge update. This is available for both OS X client and OS X Server.

The regular updater for OS X Client, available here comes in at a whopping 274 MB. 10.5.7 is required for installation.

If you’re one of those who would rather be prepared and don’t mind the huge download, the combo updater comes in at 729 megabytes, is available from here. Any version of 10.5 can be used as the basis of upgrading.

Some of the issues fixed include:

  • A person with physical access to a locked system may use four-finger Multi-Touch gestures. I’d say, oops, big security hole, glad it’s fixed now.
  • Six different flaws regarding images, all resulting in possible code execution. One including Image RAW file format that most digital SLR’s are capable of creating.
  • Mobile me issue where signing out did not always delete all of the credential information. Another oops.
  • “Users are not warned before opening certain potentially unsafe content types”. Umm… maybe it’s me, but this would be a bad idea.

As for server, there are updates for that as well. The standard update for OS X Server is 274MB, it is available here. The combo updater comes in at 978MB is available from here.

Some of the Server specific fixes include:

    • reliability of AFP for file services and Time Machine backups
    • propagating file system permissions
    • maintaining history of user’s previous passwords
    • ensuring consistent VPN throughput regardless of load
    • Spotlight indexing and memory consumption

I myself have been suffering from the spotlight indexing memory hog issue.

If you’re not running a flavor of OS X 10.5 Leopard, do not fret. Apple has included updates for both the Client and Server versions of OS X 10.4 Tiger.

For the PC only crowd, the 10.4 client security update is 76MB and available from here. While the Server Power PC version is 130MB and available from here.

For those running the Universal version of Tiger Server you have an update that comes in at 204MB is available here. If you’re running Tiger on an Intel machine, there is a 166MB update awaiting your download from here.

All of the 10.4 Tiger updates require OS X 10.4.11 in order to install. The security updates included are pretty much the same ones as the Leopard updates. Additionally Safari 4.0.2 is included with these updates, so if you have not downloaded Safari 4.0.2 you should not need to after you apply these updates.

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