One week in bed with the MBP.

It’s hard to believe that the new Macbooks and MacBook Pros were just announced just over a week ago. I, like many, rushed out and bought a new MacBook Pro. This was an upgrade that I had been waiting for since June 2008. Let me just say, it was well worth the wait. First out of the box it is a sleek machine or tool. Start-up time is pretty amazing compared to my iMac and Macbook. The speed in which this wonderful machine launches applications is tremendous as well. I couldn’t wait to, pardon my phrasing, bust the MBP’s cherry. I immediately put Final Cut Express on it and started editing video. This is a task I normally do on an iMac and sometimes on my MacBook. Render speed for me was amazing. FCE was able to run smoothly with no lag whatsoever. The next thing I did was throw Spore on it. Spore is a game that I was unable to play on my iMac because of its graphic processor. I was actually able to evolve my creature on the MBP. After just having this computer for a week, I can hardly go back to my Macbook or iMac. I am that impressed with it.

Now the question is, would I recommend upgrading to this new MacBook Pro? Well if you are in the market for an upgrade then absolutely. But if you are happy with what you have, then there is no need to spend the money.

Now I have been hearing people complaining about the glass screen — that it is reflective. That is a BS excuse. I have no issues with reflection on it at all. The pictures that have been popping up around the net of the reflection are crap. Of course if you take a photo of the display with the flash on or the display off you are going to get reflection, that is common sense. I would say go to your apple store or department store that sells apple product and check on out for yourself.

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