Official Kindle iPhone app!

We have been hearing rumors of aKindle app for the iphone for the last month or so, But now it is official! The “Kindle for iPhone” app is now available through the iTunes app store for your iPhone. This app is pretty nice too. I just purchased and received my new Kindle 2 and I have already installed this app on my iPhone. The nice thing is, it seems that you don’t have to have a kindle to use this app. So if you want to save some money, you can. The other nice thing, is if you have a kindle you can put your already purchased books on your iPhone for free. It also syncs every thing so you have your bookmarks and notes, and even can pick up where you left off on your other device!

You do have to remember, You are reading on the iPhone, so it is not the most pleasant experience. You have a small screen, and some of the formatting looks funky with some of the pages. Another thing to remember is with the kindle you get a ton of battery life to read several books with out having to recharge, with the iphone this will help burn through your battery. But if you are going to be on the go, I think this would be a great app to pick up for free. I think this is a must have app if you have a kindle though.

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