Numark Turntables and Vinyl for the holidays.

I scored a pretty sweet turntable over the holidays, and I’ve been meaning to write about it for some time now. It’s quite the device, and I’m pretty impressed with its audio quality. But what impresses me the most about the Turntable is not the audio that it pumps out. It’s the ability to copy records to my Mac. You read that right, this turntable comes with a sweet USB hookup and an RCA hookup.

It came with a copy of audacity, and some software that lets me records the albums as well as listen to the records without having to connect it to an amplifier. If that’s not the dandiest feature, I just don’t know what is.

I now have the luxury of listening to all those 45s from my childhood, getting them into iTunes, and putting them on my iPod. It makes me wonder just how much the RIAA hates the idea of this little turntable. It also makes me happy to know that it probably pisses them off to no end (I’m such a badass!).

It’s very simple to use, and even simpler to set up. It has a built in preamp and puts out…a warm sound. If you’re the market for a turntable and you don’t own a huge stereo system, if you live in tight quarters and would like to listen to records on your computer, or if you need to get your parents out of the seventies and want to rip that vinyl to an iPod this device is for you.

It’s made me really happy. As happy as a piece of metal and plastic could make someone. With the exception of my Apple gear. ;)

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