News Roundup: IBM and Apple Go To Work, TestFlight gets iOS 9

So it’s a pretty slow time of year for news. I did manage to find a couple that were at least mildly interesting. Thankfully we don’t have any further security news about Apple, but we’re only half way through the week.

IBM and Apple Partnership Deepens, Unprecedented Cold Snap In Hell Continues

Macs have made a quiet dent into many enterprises. A long way platform that at one time IT Managers would refuse to let on the network. Tightening their partnership, IBM and Apple are rolling out new cloud based management tools for Macs.

iMore has the details. Macs are essentially going to get the full MDM treatment, including Enterprise app catalogs. Making it as easy to set up new laptops as it is to set up an iPhone probably sounds pretty tempting to some IT departments. I don’t think that we’ll see the Dells and the HPs disappear, but you will probably see quite a few Macs gracing desks in those corner offices.

TestFlight Updated For iOS 9 and watchOS 2

It may still not contain App Thinning and other new features for public betas, but developers can now test out their iOS 9 apps with internal testers. Test Flight has gotten a new update to support the new features, Mac Stories reports there are also some notification tweaks so you can mute apps you’re no longer testing.

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