News Roundup 6/26: Beats 1, iTunes U, And More

I doubt that many people in the US are even paying attention to tech news today, but there were a few stories out there still worth paying attention to. Everything seems to be coming together for Apple Music, along with its global radio station Beats 1.

Tim Cook Takes To Twitter To Celebrate Gay Marriage Decision

Tim Cook is not afraid to speak his mind. The biggest news story of the day was the US Supreme Court affirming gay marriage. Cook took to Twitter to celebrate the decision, and gave a nod to the classic Think Different campaign. (Tip of the Hat to iMore for reporting.)

Parking Lot Brownies Not Included

The Grateful Dead has never been my thing. However, I know that lots of people are anticipating the band’s final show in Chicago. If you weren’t able to snag tickets, Apple Today has a guide on how to watch the concert from your iOS devices.

iTunes U Gets A Big Update

iTunes U is one of those apps that even most power users forget about. Apple gave the app some much needed love, expanding abilities for teachers to take homework right in the app. There’s also a grade book built into the app. ReCode has further details on the changes.

Apple Music’s Final Push

Apple is doing some major PR work for Apple Music, and the associated Beats1 radio station. The advertising has gone up on Times Square, revving up the hype machine. The first interview for Beats 1 has been announced. Eminem. Also, both Apple and the major labels have been eager to say that the change of royalty payments wasn’t due to Taylor Swift. I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing, that the record industry is wrapped around the finger of a diabolically savvy 20-something, or that they’re stupid enough to lie about what happened in public.

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