News Roundup 08-17-15: Dre Charts And iPhone Forever

We’re deep into the dry spell for Apple news. I’ve only got a couple of stories for you today, and they’re both only tangentially related to Apple. We should be getting the announcement of the September event, which should be along within the next week or so.

Apple Music Help Dr. Dre Chart

Dr. Dre made a lot of money when Apple purchased Beats, now he has another reason to thank Apple. His latest album, Compton was heavily promoted on Apple Music, where it had an exclusive streaming deal. According to Motherboard the Apple exec’s newest album was streamed over 25 million times, landing the album the number 2 spot on the Billboard chart.

Sprint Promises You Tech Hipster Nirvana

Figuring out that some people will do anything to always have the newest iPhone, Sprint has created a plan where you can trade in your phone every year for the newest offering. You’ll need to turn in your phone each time, and the next upgrade will increase the cost of the program somewhat. You can check out Sprint’s site for the full details.

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