NewerTech Bass Response Earbuds blow away Apple

These earbuds have an amazingly full sound considering the pricepoint. At $19.99 they’re quite a steal, and easily sound better than the Apple iPhone earbuds that have shipped with my iPods and iPhone over the last year. The spec sheet says that they reduce noise an average of 42db, and, while I don’t have a means of seeing just how much noise these suckers would block out, I can concur that they make the typical room filled with chatter quite silent. At $19.99 you can’t go wrong, but I do have a couple caveats about the earbuds. While they have an amazingly full sound, they are also amazingly large. Ok, they probably aren’t “large”, and I’ve been told on a bazillion occasions that I have tiny ears. So they we’re not the most comfortable headphones I’ve used. But, to be fair, it’s me and not the headphones. I’ve passed them around to some family members and none of them experienced discomfort over a couple hours of use. On family member actually refuses to give them back. I smell a covert mission to retrieve these bad boys in my immediate future. Overall, I highly recommend these earbuds, and anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck should probably pick these up over those super crappy Apple earbuds.

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