Network Locations lets you set up settings for where you’ll be.

We’re living in a mobile world, most people traverse to and from work with the same machine. Different locations require different settings. You might find that the lighting at your office is so dim that you can turn down your monitor and save yourself the headache. You might do the same tasks when you boot up your computer at work (visit ). Instead of doing these things manually, you can use a snazzy application to automate the processes you under go every time you change locations.

Network Location, lets you both manually and automatically switch between your work locations, based on your network connection info.

You can have it auto connect to servers, change screensaver settings, and change default printers, or you can have it open urls, run a script, or start an iTunes playlist. It’s a pretty robust application, and it’s uses are endless.

There’s nothing worse than travelling between houses, between offices, and having to reset a bunch of your settings to meet your needs. We’re big on productivity here, and this application goes a long way to fixing some things in my life that I wish were automated.

We’re at a junction with technology, throughout history we’ve been told that computers have been created to make our lives easier. I’m not really sure that that has been the reality throughout history, but I’m starting to feel like we’ve finally reached a point in our innovation where computer intelligence is finally starting to make our lives easier. Think about things like augmented reality finally starting to get a foothold on our devices, or google’s street view. We have the ability to increase our productivity with assistive technologies that were never present in the past. Network Location is another example of that. Our applications are finally smart enough to understand where we are, and change a bunch of settings based on our network location. It’s far from perfect, but we’re certainly at an exciting time for technology.

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