My Secret Shame

    My Secret Shame

    I HATE doing System Updates. Seriously.

    In my house, at this moment, are at least 4, but probably more like 7, Mac’s with screens very similar to this popping up once a week to annoy the absolute crap out of me.

    I can hear the “tsk, tsk, tsk-ing”. You, yes you, shut up. I’m a busy guy. In addition to my new — awesome! — blogging gig, I have a slew of tasks for web clients, about 300 TV episodes to watch, and at last count 345,456,456 new feed items in Google Reader. NONE of which are prevented, inhibited or otherwise hampered by my lack of having watched my computer do absolute jack shit for half an hour — if I’m lucky — whilst all these updates are downloaded and applied.

    The particular machine this screenshot is from is my MacBook. My work-horse. The machine I spend at least 10 hours a day in front of doing very, very important things. I can’t be expected to take time out of my busy schedule to download updates that add no perceivable value to my experience.


    Really, it’s just that I’m bad at waiting. You’d think that with as many Mac’s as I boast about having around the house I’d be able to find SOMETHING to fill the downtime whilst my MacBook is doing stuff like this, but you’d be thinking wrong. I just can’t seem to convince myself to do it. And, when I do have downtime, I usually have roughly 90000 windows (with 890823457×001 tabs open) open in Safari that I haven’t read yet, but keep telling myself I will.

    It just seems as though there has to be a better solution, or perhaps a reward system. I’ll update, for a cookie. A really nice cookie. Oatmeal chocolate chip, perhaps. ‘Til then, I’m going to keep cruising along like this.

    Go on, tell me how dumb this all is, I won’t even notice, because this tab will be minimized to the Dock on one of the googolplex Safari windows I have open.