My Predictions for the September 9th Apple Event

    With only a few days left before the Apple Keynote, these are my predictions of what will and will not be released.  Since this is an iPod event lets start there.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that the new iPod Touches will have integrated cameras.  Next question is:  will they be capable of recording video as well as taking still images?  Which in turn leads to the final question; will there be a built-in mic.  I believe that yes, the camera will be able to record video.  So, if the iPod Touch will be able to record video it would stand to reason that it would also include a built-in Mic.

    Next, I want to talk about capacities.  If Apple follows suit as they have in the past with storage capacities doubling that of the iPhone, I believe that you will see the following storage capacities.  Starting with 16GB, 32GB, and finally a 64GB iPod Touch.  The next iPod Touch will also come with Bluetooth.  With the new apps that use Bluetooth for sharing or ad-hoc games.  It would only be logical that Apple would integrate this.  I also think you’ll see a price drop as well.  At most I would say by $20 to $30 on the low end, and as much as $50.00 on the high end.

    Now lets delve into the iPod Nanos.  I personally think that a camera on the Nano is a bit much.  Let’s face it, the Nano is really a music player, as where the iPod Touch is more of a multimedia device.  With that said, everything I’ve been reading in the past two months points to the iPod Nano having a camera.  I believe that the Nano’s camera will only be a still camera.  The only way that it would have video recording capabilities is if it were an iPod Touch Nano.  If this is the case, then the rumored iPhone Nano might really be an iPod Touch Nano.  At this point it’s more rumor that fact.  As for capacities, I see Apple upping the Nanos to 16GB and 32GB.

    With the new capacities being larger than previous years I would venture to say that the iPod Classic will be no more.  This is to say that Apple will do away with the click wheel style iPod.  Or, they could keep the classic, and replace the hard drive with NAND Flash.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Now that I’ve talked about what will be at the event. let’s talk about what won’t be at the event.

    For quite sometime now the Apple Tablet has been on all the rumor sites.  With everyone saying that it will be released this November.  That release date might be true. However, this event doesn’t seem like the right venue to display Apple’s new Tablet.  Either Apple will have an event just for the Apple Tablet, or it will be introduced with the revamped iMacs due out later this year.

    As of late the Apple TV as been talked about getting a refresh of it’s own.  This too I don’t see as being announced on Wednesday.  If the rumors are true that it will be a software update, it might make it in as a “One more thing”, otherwise I don’t see it happening.

    Speaking of “One more thing” I would venture to say that this event will mark the return of Steve Jobs as a presenter of the event.  Not sure if he will be the sole presenter, but I definitely see him as being there.  This is the perfect event for him to make his come back.

    Well these are my predictions for Wednesday.  Let’s how many of them are correct, and how many were just a bit off.  See’ya on Wednesday.

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