Momento 2: A diary app with social features for iPhone

Momento 2 ($2.99) is a diary app for iPhone from d3i. Josh reviewed the first version of this app here, but in a recent update, the developers added a bunch of new features, so I’m writing a follow-up review.

On the surface, Momento is a basic diary app for your iPhone. You can write daily entries detailing the exciting events of your life. Momento 2 now allows you to type your entries in landscape mode, which is a welcome change considering the cramped keyboard in portrait.In addition, you can add tags to each entry, including photo tags, person tags, event tags, location tags, rating tags, and custom tags.

Momento 2 allows you to attach an unlimited number of photographs per entry. These appear as a thumbnail on the right side of the entry. Simply tap the thumbnail to view the photos.You can password protect your Momento entries, and you can export your journal via iTunes file sharing. Momento 2 even allows you to export your photos and feeds.Most journaling apps allow you to do pretty much the same thing as Momento. But what sets this app apart from the rest is its automatic integration of social networks into your daily diary. This is something that Momento offered from the beginning, and I find it to be a wonderful feature, because it allows you to archive the daily events of your life as chronicled in your social networks. The original version of Momento included Facebook, Twitter,, and Flickr. The newest version adds Foursquare and Gowalla checkins, You Tube and Vimeo videos, Diggs, and RSS/Atom feeds.

Momento 2 includes a whole host of improvements and new features. For example, you can now backup and restore your entries from within the app.

For those of you who have the iPhone 4, Momento 2 supports the retina display. In addition to the new landscape mode for typing entries, Momento 2 offers a new landscape calendar view. There is now an in-app browser so you can access links from within entries. And you can tap the link for any of your feeds to view items in their original context.

What’s Macgasmic: Momento 2 is a wonderful diary app. The social network integration is its killer feature, and the addition of more feeds just makes it even better. The interface is slick and user friendly, and the new backup and restore features add an extra measure of confidence that your diary will always be safe and accessible.What’s Not: It’s hard to complain much about Momento. It’s simply a terrific app. However, most Momento users will say that the improvements in version 2 were a long time in coming. In fact, some complained that Momento was abandonware. But, the developers came through, and the improvements are well worth the wait. Now the main improvements Momento users want to see are (1) an iPad app (which is in the works) and (2) a Mac version. I don’t know if the developers are considering a Mac version or not, but some Momento users report that you can import Momento feeds into the Mac app Chronories ($29.00) with a little finagling (see a discussion here).

If you’re looking for a diary app for your iPhone, you really can’t go wrong with Momento. It’s a beautiful way to keep track of your life and social networking.

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