Mixology app review for iPhone

My bookshelf is lined with cocktail recipe books that I never use, so I was timid about this app—until I realized it was more like a personal little bartender than just a recipe device. When you open the Mixology app by Digital Outcrop, you are given 5 main options: Browse All Drinks, Browse By Category, Browse By Ingredient, Favourites, or Find Liquor Stores. Aside from just browsing recipes, you can do the “random” function—like a slot machine, where you shake the iPhone (or iPod Touch) to give you a random liquor, mix, and type of cocktail. There is a “Bartending Guide” that teaches you about the types of glasses, tools of the trade, terminology, how to stock your bar, and other tips and tricks.

Probably my favourite function in this app is the “Liquor Cabinet”. You can add in every bottle of liquor you have as well as mixers to make finding the right recipe easier. Now, I can keep inventory of my personal bar, and when I’m running low – I just go to Home and use the Find Liquor Stores function.

What’s great

The makers of this app really thought of everything—all the easy ways to locate the perfect recipes, find liquor stores, keep inventory of ingredients, as well as a guide to learn how to become a bartender! Very cool!

What’s not so great

You know what? As skeptical as I was about this app, there is nothing I would change about it, or even add (except maybe a Submit A Recipe option). Like I said, they really thought of everything with this one! It’s available for free in the app store; you should definitely add it to your app collection!

Jen Butson is the Marketing Director at Select Start Studios in Ottawa, Canada. We're a design and engineering team where creating beautiful mobile products is more than just our day job.