Your Cat Can Take A Nap In This iMac

If you’re a cat and Mac fanatic, you’ll love this “Upcycled” accessory. Etsy seller AtomicAttic has opened a store that sells retro electronics and other accessories that have been turned into cat beds, office chairs and other cool accessories. More recently the store launched its upcycled iMac bed. The people behind AtomicAttic have taken an iMac G3, gutted it, and thrown a cushion on the bottom of the display for your cat or other small pet to sleep on. They’ve even gone so far as to level out the back of the iMac with retro Apple speakers to prevent your cat from rocking back and forth in the iMac.

As far as the cushion on the bottom of the iMac goes, you can choose from a variety of slipcovers. Additional slipcovers can be purchased for $15 each via AttomicAttic’s Etsy store as well. AtomicAttic sells a rainbow slipcover pattern that should complement your Retro iMac’s look and feel.

You can purchase an Upcycled iMac cat bed for your kitty for $129.99 via AtomicAttic’s Etsy store. The store offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, so you can get one that fits your cat’s personality.

Image Credit: AtomicAttic

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