You Can Now Order A Moto X Without Leaving Your Couch

While Motorola’s customizable new Moto X officially launched last Friday, the process of buying one was sort of clunky. Customers would have to go to an AT&T location where they would then purchase a credit for the Moto X. They would then go back to their computer at home to customize their phone and finalize the order.

Now, customers can simply do the entire process from the Moto Maker website, which means you could have your very own crazy colored Moto X shipped off to your house without ever having to leave said house. It also means that you can now buy an unlocked Moto X from the site for $579, removing the need to be an AT&T subscriber. Verizon customers can get their own Moto X starting August 29th.

Try out designing your own Moto X here.

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