Yahoo! Redesigns Flickr, Gives Users 1TB Of Free Storage

Yahoo has pushed major updates to its popular photo sharing service Flickr. These updates include a complete redesign as well as a massive 1TB of storage for free users. In terms of the new design, the photo sharing service has been completely redesigned from the ground up. For instance, the Flickr Photostream will now show off your photos in a seamless layout that allows for endless scrolling through a user’s photo collection. Like Twitter and Facebook, Flickr now allows you to add a cover photo to your profile as well, giving you more self expression on the network.

Beyond the Photostream, the rest of Flickr has been given a more modern look. The new slideshow mode allows Flickr users to effortlessly view their uploaded photos without lifting a finger. Individual photo views and the Activity Feed have both been given new designs and functionalities as well.

Like we mentioned previously, Yahoo has given all free users a whopping 1TB of free storage for their photos and videos. This will allow for uploading of full-resolution photos and massive free photo backups. Flickr has also moved its video limit up from 90-seconds to three-minutes. Free accounts are ad-supported, though these ads can be removed for $49.99 per year. Flickr has also introduced a Doublr account that gives users 2TB of storage for $499.99 per year.

These updates to Flickr along with Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr shows that the company is trying its best to remain relevant on a rapidly changing web. Flickr has long been one of my favorite Yahoo services, and it has been one of the most modern services in Yahoo’s catalog of web apps.

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