WWDC Keynote Delivered By Jobs Himself

The 2010 WWDC Keynote will be delivered by the man in the black turtleneck himself.

Apple has confirmed today that Steve Jobs will be the person on stage opening the Worldwide Developers Conference June 7th in San Francisco. Remember last year was presided over by Phil Schiller while Jobs was recovering from liver transplant surgery.

So what can we read into this? Typically WWDC has been a “launching platform” for many products within the Apple product line. Will we in-fact see the next-generation iPhone? The stars are lining up to assume that could actually happen – with all the movement happening at AT&T with the moving up of early upgrades and of course, the leaked and lost prototypes of the next iPhone.

For certain, we can expect the 4.0 release of the iPhone OS will be out; the latest beta 4 is actually very clean, very fast, and essentially free of significant bugs (now app developers need to pick up the pace and get their apps properly coded for the new functionality offered in OS v4).

We should also feel somewhat confident that there will be a technology response to the announcements made by Google at the Google I/O conference last week. Will the Apple TV get a refresh to compete with Google TV? Hope so…

From a public relations perspective, Apple is being tight-lipped thus far as to specifics about Jobs’ WWDC keynote. The company said only that the conference will feature five technology tracks, including Applications Frameworks, Internet & Web Graphics & Media, Developer Tools, and Core OS.

Are you one of the 5000 attending the sold out WWDC this year? What would you like to hear announced?

Photo Credit: acaben

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