WWDC banners are going up, and excitement is in the air!

WWDC is just around the corner, and the banners are starting to go up on the Moscone Center. Going up on the walls is the typical WWDC10 type images, paralleling the invitations that were sent out for the event. In big giant letters the banner says “WWDC10”, and in smaller letters, “The center of the app universe.”

We’re all aware that the event is focusing solely on iPhone OS, and that we’re going to be seeing a new iPhone, but the whole “center of the app universe” has us thinking we might see a little bit more than an iPhone.

Is Apple referring to the iPhone, or are they punning it up with a whimsical reference to an Apple TV (Media “Center”, Audio “Center” ). Only time will tell.

We’re also planning some festivities around the event (live blogs and in-depth analysis). Keep your eyes posted on keynote day for our coverage.

Article via AppleInsider
Image Credit AppleInsider

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