Woz sympathizes with Powell in a hilarious photo


If you have no idea why the Woz is so loved by the Apple community, you’ll probably have to look no further than the gag he pulled a couple of days ago.

In an attempt to crack a joke , Woz sent a picture of himself drinking a beer, staring into his iPhone and wearing a  funny t-shirt.  The t-shirt read, “I went drinking with Gray Powell and all I got was a lousy iPhone prototype.”

Wozniak showed his lighthearted nature in an email passed between himself and Dan Sokol, where he said, referencing the attached photo, “I’d laugh if the same thing were done to me. But I didn’t cut into iPhone/iPad lines.”

On another note, apparently Woz isn’t too happy that the media was telling people that he jumped the iPad lineup on release day.

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