World of Goo: You know what’s cool? One Million App Store downloads.

2DBoy, the fine developer of World of Goo, has just announced that in a little over a year the company has sold one million copies of their game on the App Store. Sixty-nine percent (690,000) of all downloads was the universal version, with 29 percent (290,000) being the iPhone only version, and a measly 2 percent (20,000) being sold on the Mac App Store. The numbers are a little surprising on the whole, but probably need to be qualified a little bit.

In addition to the iOS numbers, the 2DBoy team revealed Android details:

On a related note, the Android version, which we released on the Android Market a little over a month ago is also doing really well. On Android we released a free demo (same as on the PC) and a paid version for the same price as the Universal iOS version ($4.99). So far, the free demo has been downloaded about 450,000 times, and we’ve sold about 70,000 copies of the full version.

World of Goo, on the Mac, has been available since 2008. There’s probably a pretty large chance that fans of the franchise would have already purchased and played the game long before its release on the Mac App Store.

Via: MacStories

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