World of Goo: You know what’s cool? One Million App Store downloads.

2DBoy, the fine developer of World of Goo, has just announced that in a little over a year the company has sold one million copies of their game on the App Store. Sixty-nine percent (690,000) of all downloads was the universal version, with 29 percent (290,000) being the iPhone only version, and a measly 2 percent (20,000) being sold on the Mac App Store. The numbers are a little surprising on the whole, but probably need to be qualified a little bit.

In addition to the iOS numbers, the 2DBoy team revealed Android details:

[quote]On a related note, the Android version, which we released on the Android Market a little over a month ago is also doing really well. On Android we released a free demo (same as on the PC) and a paid version for the same price as the Universal iOS version ($4.99). So far, the free demo has been downloaded about 450,000 times, and we’ve sold about 70,000 copies of the full version.[/quote]

World of Goo, on the Mac, has been available since 2008. There’s probably a pretty large chance that fans of the franchise would have already purchased and played the game long before its release on the Mac App Store.

Via: MacStories