Workaround allows you to “Remember The Milk” using Siri

The team over at Remember The Milk (RTM) have put together a nice little how to on getting Siri to populate your RTM list. Basically it involves adding a CalDav account to your iPhone, and setting it as your default “List”

This causes Siri to build your reminders in your Remember The Milk list rather than the standard (on phone) list. You could do this with any CalDav service really. GSync is already my active CalDav service and reminders were automatically synced to my Mac and Google Apps account.

There are numerous services that allow you to use Siri via TXT message and emails. For example, you could set up a contact named “Evernote” to add notes directly to the famed note taking service by assigning your Evernote email address to the contact. Once you’ve done that, a simple “Send an Email to Evernote” will prompt you for a subject and body of the email which will become the title and body of your new note.

Drafting this post made me feel dirty, namely because I felt like other references to this process implied that Siri had built in support for Evernote, which clearly was never the case. Perhaps I’m getting sensitive in my old age, but it just felt like baiting as most references are strictly linked to a video of Siri publishing directly to RTM without any back story or link to the tutorial. This doesn’t fall on the Remember The Milk team at all. They are pretty clear and don’t show the demo outside of the instruction page.

Either way it’s cool to see services working with Siri even if you have to do a little finagling to get it working. Hopefully we’ll see a Siri API soon enough and we can really unleash her power!

Source: RTM

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