Woman Buys A Duct-Taped Mirror For $200, Thought She Was Buying An iPad

When Jelonta Freeman was approached in a gas station parking lot by a stranger offering to sell her a $200 dollar iPad, she jumped at the opportunity.┬áThe “too good to be true” thought must of never crossed the Texas woman’s mind as she handed over $200 cash to the man. He said the iPad was worth $800 and that he was giving her an excellent deal.

The stranger then quickly drove off and left Jelonta and her sister to open up and admire their new purchase. However, when Jelonta ripped open the packaging, she wasn’t greeted with a spectacle of modern day tablet computing. Instead, she was welcomed by a mirror covered with duct tape.

I can’t really give any advice that isn’t blatantly obvious besides to just use logic and common sense whenever you buy anything. Especially when these things are hundred dollar items sold to you by strangers at gas stations.

Fortunately for her, duct tape is pretty awesome so her $200 was not completely wasted.

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