Windows 8 Packaging Revealed

With Windows 8 to be released later this year, we figured that the packaging would be seen sometime soon. And since Microsoft isn’t going the Apple route by only offering digital downloads of the OS, they need something cool looking that will sell the product. The Verge reportedly got their hands on leaked product packaging for the OS. In the image above, we can see the packaging for both the standard edition of Windows 8 as well as Windows 8 Pro. These two boxes will be for sale at authorized resellers so Microsoft wants to show off their new Metro interface, which they’re doing a good job of. They also want to show the speed and professional optimization that is included with Windows 8 Pro, so they colored the box black.

Personally, I think the new packaging looks good and conveys the right message. The designers did a great job of adding enough color to make the box appealing while still keeping it simple. If you’re unaware, the final version of Windows 8 has already been leaked and is supposed to be officially launched by October 26th. Windows 8 features a new “Metro” interface, which is optimized for tablets and heavily resembles Windows Phone 7.

Image Credit & Source: The Verge


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