Western Digital Enters Router Market

While Western Digital is known primarily for hard drives, and more recently for streaming boxes, they have now decided to enter the home networking market. Their new lineup of routers, which go under the name “My Net”, will be available today (June 14, 2012) while the My Net Central routers won’t be available until next quarter. The My Net Central line features Western Digital’s highest end My Net router, the N900, paired with an internal hard drive. The My Net Central line will be available in two storage options, 1TB and 2TB.

Western Digital is competitively pricing the My Net line as well. Their lowest end router, the My Net N600, starts at only $79.99 while the My Net Central series starts at $299.99.

Finally, the My Net line of routers features a few very interesting features such as FasTrack. FasTrack is software built into the router that tracks your entertainment traffic, such as gaming and video streaming, and prioritizes bandwidth. This ensures that you will always have a relatively smooth video streaming experience. Another nice feature of the My Net routers is that they all feature at least one USB port. This is unique as many of the lower end routers, comparable to the N600, still lack USB ports, which can be used to connect external hard drives and printers.

Source: Western Digital via Engadget

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