We’re going to the Apple Store and, we’re gonna get married…

Some might say it’s romantic, some might not care and some might think it’s the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever seen. Me? I think it’s both sweet and completely memorable. What I’m talking about is the marriage of Ya Ting and Joshua Li on Valentine’s Day 2010…at New York’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store.

Their rings were attached to 1st Gen iPhones, wrapped in silver and red ribbon, and their vows were written on Letterpress cards with ‘I love you more than this:’ and a picture of an iPhone below it. (Incidentally, you can buy those on Etsy if you’re quick enough). Plus, they had their own Steve Jobs minister dressed in jeans and black turtleneck! Most interesting wedding of the century? I think so!

Apparently, the couple met at that same store whilst buying iPhone cases (or iPods some are reporting) and so saw it fit to return to that same place to take their relationship to the next step. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Li! Watch the youtube video below:


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