Weird: Bulgarian tech school could be renamed to Steve Jobs

Move over Vladimir Lenin, you may be replaced shortly. According to a website named Novinite, a technical school in Bulgaria is looking to rename its school. Instead of carrying the name of Vladimir Lenin, the school could be renamed to Steve Jobs.

No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone.

According to the short article, there seems to be some kind of ongoing vote to rename the school; Steve Jobs is the leading candidate for the renaming. Some students have quite wisely suggested that the school should be named after Bulgarian scientists instead of Steve Jobs. And, should the news not be bizarre enough already, Novinite adds this nugget to the end of their posts, “The technical school is also about to get central heating for the first time in its history.”

A school, which hasn’t had central heating until now, is about to rename itself after the American tech icon who created iPods, iPhones, computers, and iPads. If I was a student, I’d be lobbying to rename the school to something Roman, considering the Romans are often credited for inventing central heating.

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