Want To Know What Life’s Like Working As An Apple Genius? Buy This Book.

Everyone thinks working Apple retail is all fun and games. Sure, there are worse jobs on the planet than working retail, but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing worse than dealing with the tech-illiterate on a daily basis. Macgasm Alumnus, Stephen Hackett, has published his first book, On Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius, on Amazon, and we recommend picking it up.

The book is a fun, interesting, and often sarcastic read, in true Hackett fashion. We’re not going to spill any beans, and we’ve only just started giving the book a read ourselves, but from what we’ve seen from the first few chapters, we highly recommend picking up the book. I think you’ll enjoy it. I mean, there’s even a story about a drunken kid pissing on a laptop.

Hell, it’s only $4.99. Buy it even if you don’t plan on reading it. The economy needs your help.

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