WALdok gets your music dock off the table and onto the wall


I live in a small apartment, and desk space and table space is at a premium. Currently, I’ve been putting three audio docks through the paces (Audyssey, Sonos S5, and Bose SoundDock), but I’m running out of places to put things. All three of those docks sit on a tabletop, and frankly, I’m out of space. I could probably argue that most of you see yourselves in the same position. It’s for this reason that I’m excited about the WALdok. This particular Kickstarter project aims to put a dock in every room with a power outlet.

Plug the WALdok into the wall, then your iPod/iPhone into the dock and you’re off to the races. You’ll get music in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room for a fraction of the cost of a typical stereo dock.

But, please note, we haven’t taken this for a spin yet, nor has anyone else at this point, so we can’t comment on audio quality yet. But mark my words, once this device ships, we’ll be taking one for a spin. In my opinion, this is the perfect bathroom device.

Hat Tip to Dave Hornsby for this one