Wait, Sleep-Texting Is A Real Thing? Seems So.

First it was drunk dials, then it was sexting, and now it’s sleep-texting. What exactly is happening to teenagers these days? I’ve seen some people do some really crazy things in their sleep (I won’t name names), but busting out a cellphone and ripping off a text while deep in sleep isn’t something I’ve witnessed to date. I’ve witnessed someone running up the stairs, and out the door, trying to escape spiders while fast asleep, but never texting.

It turns out that a nursing professor has begun to notice that teens are responding to text messages while fast asleep. Sure, the messages may be gibberish, but how long will it be until we hear about someone sleep-sexting?

From CBS News:

“The phone will beep, they’ll answer the text,” Dowdell says. “They’ll either respond in words or gibberish. (It) can even be inappropriate. Ex-girlfriends contacting ex-boyfriends, saying ‘I miss you. I want to see you.’ The thing that happens, though, is that when they wake up, there’s no memory.”

This isn’t as much a news article as it is a question. Have you ever sleep-texted someone? Please, do let us know. We need to know if we need to write up a tip article on how to use Apple’s Do Not Disturb feature in iOS so you can all sleep better at night.

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