VMware Fusion 4 gets thrown in the Lion’s den, launches with over 90 new features

VMware just pulled the trigger on VMware Fusion 4. The virtualization software which allows Mac users to run any operating system they want along side of OS X. The new version is boasting a list of over 90 new features, and puts the ability to run Lion virtually at the top of that list.

Running OS X virtually has always been a sore spot with Apple. Recent changes in the EULA have allowed for license holders to run these virtual copies, and thus software vendors are taking full advantage of it.

VMware Fusion 4 was built from the ground-up to be optimized for Lion. This version even lets you run your Windows apps as if they were Lion optimized themselves, with support for full screen, Launchpad and Mission Control.

VMware Fusion will debut for $49.99 and hold at that price until the end of the year. When that intro time table is up, you can expect to pay $79.99. If you happen to own a copy of Fusion 3 and purchased it after July 20th, you’ll get a free upgrade to Fusion 4.

VMware: Fusion 4

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