Could video iAds be coming to streaming content on the AppleTV?

The struggles Apple is facing with iAds in app are well documented. Companies have both praised and lambasted Apple for their approach to the advertising model. Some see it as worth the effort, and others see it as too time consuming. What’s not up for debate is the effectiveness of the ads. It seems like everyone pretty much agrees that the iAds are stunning and offer more than a traditional link ad.

So, could iAds be finding their way onto the Apple TV? There were rumours last week that the iAds could be turned into video and placed into streaming media. Currently, video from iTunes is commercial free, which is one of the benefits of purchasing your television shows from their service, but some of the third party streaming applications, like the CBS and the CityTV applications, have been attempting to do things their own way.

I can’t speak for the CBS app, being in Canada, but the commercials in the CityTV application are pretty terrible, and repeated way too often. But, no matter how poor they are, these companies are very committed to getting their content online and available in a format that’s accessible by Apple’s iOS product line. Clearly there’s an opportunity knocking on Apple’s front door with video iAds, and it’s not surprising that people feel that Apple’s already running with the idea.

If Apple wants to redefine TV, they’re going to have to ensure that publishers can monetize their content in the traditional ways, but with a new twist. Location based, targeted video commercials is a must, and an iAds TV platform can ensure that marketing directives are being met.

It’s starting to look like video streaming and premium subscription models, through iTunes, are more of a possibility today than they were last week.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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