Verizon giving Apple Store employees dirt cheap cellular plans

If a customer walked into the Apple Store with questions about iPhones, what are the odds that an Apple Store employee might bust out their iPhone? Or, if asked questions about carriers, what would an Apple store employee say? There’s a good chance that people want to know that the fine folks at the Apple Store use on a daily basis, and having their phones on the Verizon network could influence a sale for Verizon. Influence the influencers, and you have yourself a great deal of power.

According to ifoAppleStore, Verizon is offering ridiculously cheap cellular plans to Apple Store employees.

“According to tipsters, employees can pay the non-subsidized price of $649.99 for a 16 Gb iPhone 4, for example, and then pay just $25 a month for 1,500 monthly minutes, along with unlimited texts and data…Verizon’s second option for Apple store employees is to purchase the iPhone at the subsidized price, but pay the full monthly rate for 10 months. After that, the rate would drop to $25 a month for the remainder of the two-year plan.”

So here’s the question, what is Verizon’s end-game here? They’re obviously not doing it out of goodwill. Are they trying to get their service into the hands of the people on the front-lines at your local Apple Store? If so, it’s a genius move on Verizon’s part.

What do you think? Is there a battle going on that we don’t know about? Do other carriers in other countries offer up similar discounts to Apple Store employees? This struck me as a little bit underhanded, so I thought I’d pass it along.

Let us know in the comments.

Article Via ifoAppleStore
Image Credit: Andrei Kharlanov

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