Valve coming to the Mac and they’re giving us teasers

Normally this kind of news might go unnoticed by many, but the hype surrounding the possibility that Valve was planning on releasing Mac versions of their games says a lot about how starved some Mac users are for a better gaming experience.

It’s been one of the largest complaints from switchers over the years, and frankly the switchers aren’t far off base. One of the biggest hurdles I had when I went and switched full time to Apple products was putting away my access to the steam lineup. I was a big Half Life fan, and an even bigger CounterStrike fan. Heck, I was playing CounterStrike back when they still had levels where you had to transport a civilian to a safe zone.

Valve’s been toying with us today by releasing some teaser images that heavily suggest that HalfLife and Team Fortress 2 are on their way to our machines.  Get ready Apple fans, games are coming!

Teasers In Question

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