Normally this kind of news might go unnoticed by many, but the hype surrounding the possibility that Valve was planning on releasing Mac versions of their games says a lot about how starved some Mac users are for a better gaming experience.

It’s been one of the largest complaints from switchers over the years, and frankly the switchers aren’t far off base. One of the biggest hurdles I had when I went and switched full time to Apple products was putting away my access to the steam lineup. I was a big Half Life fan, and an even bigger CounterStrike fan. Heck, I was playing CounterStrike back when they still had levels where you had to transport a civilian to a safe zone.

Valve’s been toying with us today by releasing some teaser images that heavily suggest that HalfLife and Team Fortress 2 are on their way to our machines. ¬†Get ready Apple fans, games are coming!

Teasers In Question

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