Vaja Cases: Poor Customer Service at a Premium Price?

Several weeks ago, I reviewed an iPad case by Vaja Cases. Vaja is well known for its premium leather cases for all sorts of electronic gadgets, including the new iPhone 4. However, at least one of our readers reports that Vaja’s customer service is less than stellar. After ordering two Leather Agenda iPad cases (at $280 a piece plus shipping), this reader was given a 45-day timeframe for receiving his cases. A week ago, he emailed Vaja to see if the cases would arrive on time and received a tersely-worded email indicating that the cases would be delivered within the 45-day limit. But this customer didn’t receive his shipment, and four days after the cases should’ve arrived, he received another email. In this email, Vaja pointed out the fine print on their FAQ page stating that production time is only an estimate, and due to “huge” demand, their production processes “are taking a little bit longer than normal.”

Obviously, unforeseen delays can happen when demand for a product is high. However, good customer service means informing your customers of any delays in a courteous and timely fashion. For example, I ordered a popular product from Waterfield Cases that was essentially backordered and I received several emails keeping me apprised of the status of my order. What makes Vaja’s treatment of this customer so appalling is that, not only did they treat him discourteously, they charged his credit card over 45 days ago and have not delivered the product. Now, when you order a Vaja case, they tell you that they will charge your card immediately because their products are “hand crafted.” Once you place an order and the process begins, you can’t back out. ┬áStill, it seems to me that when you spend that much money for a product, you should be treated extremely well. Sure, Vaja cases are extraordinary, but the quality of your product does not justify treating your customers rudely. Vaja should graciously apologize for the delay (rather than point out their fine print) and, at the least, refund shipping costs since they did not meet their own deadline.

Have any other Macgasm readers experienced poor customer service from Vaja? If so, please tell us in the comments.

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