It’s unknown, but it’s running iOS 4.1

This is my favourite kind of rumour, one of pure speculation. It lets me make up crazy stuff about whatever I want, and no one can be the wiser. No, really. If you ever want to know what it’s like tracking down rumours, this type of news typifies the experience — lot of noise, and a lot of uncertainty. That’s why we thought we’d pass this little bit of “barely news” news to you.

Here’s the “facts”, according to 9 to 5 Mac. An unknown device has been found in a configuration file referencing an unknown device running iOS 4.1. It’s made by Apple Inc., but no one has any idea what it might be. It could be a new iPod Touch, another iPad, the AppleTV, an iMac, a fancy car. Who the hell knows.

So instead of us pretending, much like the other sites, that we know what’s going to be released, we thought we’d put it in a question to you: What’s Apple putting iOS on now?

My guess, the AppleTV, but that’s all it is — a guess.

Article via 9 to 5 Mac

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