Ugh, You Can Already Go On Amazon And Buy An iPhone 5C Case

You’ve likely heard by now about the iPhone 5c, the rumored name for Apple’s expected lower cost plastic iPhone. Well even though Apple has yet to officially announce a cheaper plastic iPhone, and even though it likely won’t be announced for a while to come (if at all), you can now go on Amazon to order a case for the mythical device.

The case is produced by Elago and is set to ship around August 26th. It’s currently selling for $24.99 and comes in white, black, and indigo.

Its August 26th release date puts it a couple weeks ahead of the iPhone 5C’s anticipated anticipated September launch.

Here is the product’s official description:

Our new S5C Slim Fit 2 case for the iPhone 5C lets you protect and cover your phone in style! The case was molded to fit perfectly and allows easy, full access to all buttons and ports on your device.

Our Slim Fit 2 cases are specially coated to reduce the amount of scratches, oil, and dirt residue left on your phone, all while improving grip quality.

The case’s design allows you to use your phone as if there was nothing attached to it at all; remove it from your pocket or purse with no hassle!

Though we could have manufactured our products through China, elago chose to manufacture and produce products through Korea to assure quality control and the use of toxic free chemicals in the plastic.

The iPhone 5C is a phone with remarkable design and it needs the proper case to compliment it. Clothe your phone in the crisp, clean style it deserves with our S5C Slim Fit 2 case! Check out all of the eye-catching colors available!

Buyers should certainly be skeptical, however, when the description contains words like “molded to fit perfectly.” Seeing as Elago doesn’t know for sure what the iPhone 5c will look like, or whether there will even be one.

It isn’t completely abnormal though for case manufacturers to create products based off rumored products. For some companies, they get the design spot on and it ends up paying off in huge ways when day one customers go to buy their cases. For others, it could mean a ridiculous amount of money wasted on a case that doesn’t fit any product on Earth.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can buy the case from Amazon here.

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