Ugandan Man Steals Ebola Patient’s Phone, Proves That Karma Is Real

Want proof that karma is indeed real? Here you go. A Ugandan man recently snuck into an isolation room at a hospital in the Kibaale District in Uganda and stole a mobile phone worth roughly $24. When the man confessed to Ugandan police, he claimed to be visiting the isolation ward to give patients comfort even though he didn’t know anyone there.

The Ugandan police started tracking the stolen mobile phone after the device was reported stolen on August 14, 2012. The man was using the phone to communicate with his friends, which sparked the police to start tracking the phone. However, before the police were able to get their hands on the device, the man began to feel Ebola-like symptoms and admitted himself to the hospital. The 40-year old thief, who has not yet been named, is now receiving medical attention. The phone has been given to the police as the original owner recently died.

If you’re unaware, Ebola is a contagious virus that can be transmitted via blood as well as body fluids. The virus can be lethal as it causes the linings of bodily organs and vessels to leak fluid. There are currently four known Ebola viruses that are prominent in parts of Africa.

Karma’s a bitch.

Source: Daily Monitor, CNET
Image Credit: origionalgoast

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