Two app recommendations for Earth Day 2010

You know what’s bad? Finding out it’s earth day from iTunes. While logging into the AppStore to find some applications to talk about in an upcoming video podcast, I noticed iTunes was a little greener than normal. At first I thought St. Patties day came again, but it turns out it’s Earth Day.

Global warming issues aside, I think most people can agree that the less garbage we have floating around the globe the better.

Here’s 2 of our favourite Earth Day apps (caveat: results may very depending on your location).

iRecycle  - iPhone Apps
iRecycle – iPhone App

iRecycle – Getting rid of your garbage responsibly

Figuring out where to bring you junk to be recycled can be a pretty daunting job. Digging through the phone book often yields crappy results, and asking your local tech people where you need to bring your stuff often leads to blank stares.

Having an app to find recycling locations is a great tool to have. Being a techgeek means having a lot of spare computer parts laying around the house collecting dust. I can now bring my computers to a recycling centre.

It does a pretty good job of tracking down centres close to where you live, so there’s no longer an excuse for throwing your computers in the trash can.

Greenopia - iPhone App
Greenopia – iPhone App

Greenopia – Buying Green

After getting rid of all your recycling in a responsible manner, you can now focus on purchasing things sustainably. Greenopia takes the guess work out of locating green establishments. From food to travel, and beauty to pet care, Greenopia helps you track down companies who do their best in supporting the green initiative.

One downside to the application is that support for non-metropolitan areas is seriously lacking. Hopefully this changes over time.

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