Twelve South releases the Compass: a stand for the iPad

If there was ever a company that embodied Apple’s design philosophy Twelve South would be it. Peter Cohen tweeted recently, “Twelve South needs to stop designing beautiful accessories for my Apple products.” We have to agree, Twelve South keeps blowing our collective macgasm minds with kickass products for our Apple products. First it was the BookArc, then it was the BassJump, and now it’s the Compass.

The Compass is a stand for your iPad that looks exactly like a compass. No, not a compass that you’d carry around on a hike, but a compass you’d use in math class. The device is elegant, and it’s probably one of the first iPad stands that have broken the mold.

Would you buy one of these things for $39.99? I certainly would. Hell, what do I mean would? I’m already cracking my wallet.

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