Tweetlogix updates to 1.5

If you still have not tried the iPhone twitter client Tweetlogix and was waiting for a good enough reason to, then now is the time. The developers Onloft have just released 1.5  with some great new features.

The developers are always very willing to listen to their users and what they are wanting from the app. So this update comes with some much awaited changes that are sure to prove popular.

To start with they have fixed several bugs:

  • Fixed clipped inline images for some retweets.
  • Fixed failure displaying followers and following lists with Arabic region formatts.
  • Fixed crash when adding a muted user using people search.

They have also added a great list of changes and new features. You can now pull down the compose view to see the tweet you reply to. A very handy feature to have when you have forgotten what you were replying to! Also when composing, there is now an auto-complete of usernames and hashtags to save you scrolling through all your followers.

One request that I noticed is becoming a handy feature to have is keyword and hashtag muting. This is now added to the new update and will no doubt be used often. So the next time someone is tweeting furiously about football or American Idol, you can silence your timeline of their tweets. A more friendlier way than unfollowing them!

You can find nearby trend locations using location services, or browse countries and cities. There is also now definitions for local trends as well.

Other great features include:

  • Swipe any tweet for advanced toolbar.
  • Retweet actions now accessible from seperate toolbar button.
  • Favstar action now links directly to Favstars recent page.
  • Swipe action to delete individual saved searches.
  • Read It Later now uses full link and title.
  • New setting to disable inline photo previews.
  • New security settings.
  • New refresh on wake settings.
  • Scroll position maintained when rotating timeline or mesage view.
  • Changed Plixi image service to Lockerz.
  • Retweets view now shows user count in title.
  • Improvements to reduce memory usage.
  • Improvements to reduce UI interruption when updating timeline.

So as you can see, lots of fantastic reasons to give Tweetlogix a try!

I am an iPhone fanatic. I currently use an iPhone and I use it for just about everything! Love playing most games on it and have many, many photography apps.